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Soundsmack offers an easy to use sound library of royalty-free music and sound effects. Unlike other sites, Soundsmack does not publish user-submitted content. Every single note is created in professional studios by audio engineers with years of experience and then packaged in the most versatile digital file formats (MP3 and WAV).

Delivering trusted royalty-free audio, Soundsmack has everything from ambient music and nature sounds to high-intensity alarms and assault rifles. Soundsmack also offers a variety of music loops and songs including 70's detective, happy techno, 80's epics, tender piano ballads, and a whole lot more. Soundsmack has you covered whether you're strolling through a forest or flipping a jet into the danger zone.

Soundsmack provides users with the perfect audio type and size for all applications: professional video, web, mobile, eLearning, etc.

Sound effects, ambience, and music demo reel by Soundsmack.com.