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Soundsmack is a massive library of studio-produced sound effects, ambiance tracks, and production music. Our award winning sound design team has been featured on NBC, Showtime, UFC, MTV, TLC, Bravo, National Geographic, Starbucks, and more!
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Why Soundsmack?
As Sound Designers for feature films, tv shows, cartoons and video games, we know exactly how difficult it is to find high quality, studio-produced sound effects. In the past we used some of the other “larger” sound effects sites to purchase sounds. We learned quickly that their large library was a direct result of them allowing low-quality user-submitted content.

Our goal has never been to have the most sounds. Instead, we’re the place people come first because they know that they won’t need to sift through 73 “toilets flushing” before finding one of respectable quality. Our sounds are 100% professionally produced, and our library grows every week. We are the go to for high quality sounds.
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